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    Welcome to Erythropsia, a multi-game clan meant for all! We are divided into 3 squads: Alpha, Onmitsukido, and Delta. Enjoy your stay!

Policy Change

Posted by Bluthera On 10:14 PM 0 comments


Due to some miscommunication, the moderators have reached a decision. Our 20 member count has been lowered to 10; from now on you will need to apply to the clan through the form. It will be reviewed by the Moderators. KDR Requirement is also updated. It was not required because we needed more members to attract higher-level players, but now it will raised to 1.2 or an exceptional effort during Clan Tryouts.

Take Note of this Post.

Note: I apologize. Due to some miscommunication, I took it that we needed more members regardless of skill. As of such, we have raised the skill requirements that were not clarified @ the beginning. I apologize for the inconvenience.



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